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Sunday, August 10, 2008


When I went down for dinner last night I found out that the pub is under new management from Monday and that much of the food was off, I made some comment that I hoped there would be some left tomorrow. Still it was nice Ham.

When I went to breakfast there was no one about and 7 of us had to wait fifteen minutes.

Still I got fed and the sun was shining.

Local info (Tricia) suggested that one of my target churches wasn't open but I may get in after the service. So.....

712 St Sophia, the Wisdom of God. Lower Kingswood.

713 All Saints, Ockham

is another that is difficult to get into but I arrived JUST as the service was finishing.

Ockham's most famous son is the Franciscan William of Ockham who formulated Occam's Razor.

So off to Clandon a small but pleasant National Trust property.

just up the road is another National Trust Hatchland's Park the home of the Cobbe Collection.

714 St Mary, Stoke D'Abernon

I had thought I'd mop up Surrey today but the final church was locked and the vicar not answering his phone. Oh well.

Anyway a successful day and I returned to my hostelry to be told they didn't serve food Sunday nights. GASP!!! I was not impressed! I went on the road and neither did the next pub. Is this Surrey or rural Wales in the 50's? Thankfully the White Horse at Shere came to my rescue.


oldcrow61 said...

So happy to hear that you finally got your tummy filled, lol. Great pictures. My favorite, of course, the Unicorn...marvelous!

Anonymous said...

Another successful day indeed...thank you for another wonderful tour!

Pete said...

thanks folks