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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Back Home

I didn't eat in the pub I was staying in last night and decided to eat at the White Horse at Shere as per Sunday.

This morning I was awake early and the car was packed by 7:25 so I wandered into breakfast. When I went to pay the bill they weren't sure what to charge me. Against my name was one price and the till said a higher figure. To be fair they only took over Monday, they charged me the lower one. We won't mention they never charged me for dinner and drinks Saturday night and when Trisha and I went out Monday she joined me for breakfast and they never charged for that either. They did apologize for the chaotic service which was nice as I can't blame them. So I won't name and shame the hotel.

So its not quite eight..... I had planned to take you to Chartwell Winston Churchill's house but I wasn't hanging around and came straight home and arrived home at 9:30! Its only 70 miles from home to where I stayed and Chartwell is only 46 miles so I can do that as a day trip.

So off to Rye Meads. Lots of youngsters, Tufties, Little Grebes, Ruddy Ducks, Coots etc. 5 Green Sandpipers and a surprise a Common Sandpiper. I was suddenly struck by the fact that all the Terns had gone!! Oh my god Autumn is coming!! I haven't had a Summer yet. Some pics.
Juvenile Little Grebe

Adult Little Grebe

Juvenile Ruddy Duck stretching his wings

Juvenile Tufty

Adult Female Tufty


KAZ said...

I've never seen a young ruddy.
Aren't ducklings wonderful.

oldcrow61 said...

Lovely ducks. The one in the second last picture is very cute.