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Monday, July 07, 2008

Wildlife on wheels

May I point you to Yoke's new blog Wildlife on Wheels.

I want to use it to show people in the wheelie community that you do not have to sit at home and do nothing, but that there is a big world to explore, even if most interesting natural places are inaccessible. Nature reserves here close by and Cape Clear, a birder's heaven just SW of the coast, not that far south, is inaccessible as there is still no boat which takes wheels on board.

There is another one she ahs called Birding on wheels. I think Wildlife on wheels may supercede that.

Yoke lives in Ireland and the wheelies are wheelchair users.


Yoke said...

Thank you, Pete for bringing it to the attention of your readers.

May I point out a little misunderstanding?

{My} "wheels" is my wheelchair {a very heavy word I don't like to use} and wheelies are those who use them.
{wheelchair users in more usual English, so to speak}


Tricia said...

Do visit Wildlife on Wheels - good site by Yoke :)

Pete said...

whoops!! corrected typo

Yoke said...

Pete, thanks for correction!

I think Birdingonwheels I will keep alive in perhaps more orientating on the garden's birds rather than the birds I meet trips on the road.

Something like that anyway.

Your blog sounds as if I'm talking to a good friend of mine, back in Holland. You two must have a lot in common.
so thanks for that, as we have lost contact with each other.