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Saturday, July 05, 2008

A Saturday afternoon

I had arranged for Trish to show me Esher common and to see some dragonflies (we made need to replan the agenda as the weather looks dodgy!!) so I went out with Dad today.

We were unoriginal and went to Bury St Edmunds and Clare Country Park. The weather was dubious first thing but turned rather pleasant as we arrived at Clare.

Lots of Banded Demoiselle.

Just above the ruins of the old priory look what I found sitting on the wires, two Spotted Flycatchers! Now THAT I didn't expect to see.


Tricia said...

Lucky you on the spotted flycatcher - good pics as usual. Love the Banded Demoiselles

avalon said...

Really good piccies again, can't believe the blue skies there it has been raining all day down here in corny! got to the dizzy heights of 15 degrees ! loved the ducks.

Liz said...

Love the damsel flies, such amazing colour :)

Not at all jealous of the flycatcher... :(

oldcrow61 said...

Looks like a lovely place to have a stroll. Nice pictures.

Mary said...

I do like dragonflies and damselflies. have you seen many butterflies this tear? Don't seem to be many around here.

Pete said...

ta all

mary - very butterfly light espesh red admirals, comma, tortoiseshells and peacocks

Jane said...

Sorry I haven't commented for a while, I've been away (no not with the fairies!). Really glad you saw the flycatchers, ours have just hatched out two young (second brood I think) in our camera nest box. Really exciting to watch them. Great pictures of the damsels... Jane