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Friday, July 18, 2008

The Queen's Cousin

So where to today? I had intended going to Speke Hall near Liverpool but instead headed to Staffordshire.

One church I tried was locked but the next I got into after the School leaving service finished so…

706 St Mary and All Saints, Checkley

707 St Nicholas, Maedswyn Ridware
Now you may have noticed that it looks a bit odd. The tower looks old (it is 12th century) and the nave more modern (Georgian, 18th century)

When you enter it looks well a bit dull to my eye but the interest is in the much older part attached to the tower.

So where to now? Ah we’ll head for Shugborough “the seat” of the Earl’s of Lichfield and until his recent death the home of the Queen’s cousin Patrick Lichfield (the photographer).

Ah one for Jane of Urban Extension Europe’s widest tree, a yew. Well that’s what the sign says.

As I was editing the photos before dinner I was aware of a chirping and look what I found staring in at me!

Aw cute eh? When he clocked me he flew into a tree.

Tomorrow? Not sure yet.


oldcrow61 said...

Once again interesting pictures. Love that little bird. I'm enjoying your travels.

Jane said...

Pete! Thanks! I was only looking on your site for any tree sightings the other day... you must have read my mind. Jane

Toffeeapple said...

I'm really enjoying your holiday Pete! The churches are marvellous.