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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Not quite what I was expecting

Well joined up with Trish to look for dragonflies but the weather was against us!

So we went to Chiswick House. Trish was driving and she was overtaken by a bike. Chiswick seems tucked away as if forgotten but it was a key part of the 18th century Palladium revival. Oddly it isn't a house it was built next to an earlier Jacobean House (now gone) and was a showpiece for Lord Burlington's art collection. The ground floor is spartan the first floor glorious!! I hope the London Borough of Hounslow (who care for the grounds) can give the house the setting it deserves.

So some photos AFTER Trish had gone back for her spare battery!!

And so to find the principal object of the afternoon which we did. It was lunchtime and on arrival there was a pub opposite so.......

Anyway 689 St Mary Langley Marish.

Trish asked if there was anything special about the church and I off handedly mentioned the Kedermister Pew

Oh yes that "pew"

Oh and the library attached.

The bell tower was open as well.

Kedermister almshouses

A copy of a recipe from Lady Kedimisters Parmacopoulim

VERY enjoyable day with good company.


oldcrow61 said...

You have such wonderful places to visit there. I wonder if that throat remedy works, lol. The little dog is a treasure.

avalon said...

I know i have a really bad throat at the moment but i don't think i will be trying that thanks very much!! The library looks really good and kept in excellent condition, lover the little dog to.

Pete said...

it's not taken orally jan.....

Carin Fuchs said...

Oh, oh, I think I can hear through the centuries gone by the scolding of the orderer at the craftsman who has done the 'ornament' with the credo and has forgotten the 'of' in the third line and had to patch it in later.

What a nice trip, thanks for sharing with us.

Jan said...

I wondered where Emma got to yesterday....

Pete said...

two emma looky likeys within 5 minutes