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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More of the same really

Off to the next venue and well wifi is working in the bar, I've ordered dinner (scallops for starter :D) and whilst waiting.....

so 701 St Mary Acton

702 St Boniface, Bunbury

technically the church was closed as they were preparing for the flower festival but when told I had come from Essex one woman went to ask the head flower arranging woman and I heard the words "well we can't really say no". Result and thank you very much!

703 St Oswald, Malpas

Another stroke of luck the church is normally closed today but there were two women cleaning. Wey Hey!!

and so to Erdigg which came second in a poll to determine Britian's best house. Not sure why though, it's nice enough and the info on the servants fascinating. Still I liked it.


oldcrow61 said...

Such strange stuff in some of those churches, like the blocks with carvings...what's that all about I wonder. The Tombs are fantastic, as always and the gardens just beautiful.

Tricia said...

Erdigg looks interesting. Amazing that there are so many Lilies - and the exotics too. Like the little summer house - would look good in my garden!

Dawn said...

You actually admitted coming from Essex???

I bet you put your 'little boy lost' look on your face didn't you, and those cleaning/flower women just melted!!

Pete said...

dawn - well at least I've kept my accent. But dear dawn if you want to pretend you've gone upmarket (not hard from Scouse) you could have gone better than Derby!! Ask Tricia for lessen in Surrey VERY posh don't tyou know