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Friday, July 04, 2008

Life and things

I've just finished the first two days of a "management programme". I do find it a bit worrying that I am management. Still the feedback I got was positve and I did enjoy and find the two days useful.

You know those sad people you see coming and going to work with a laptop? Do you often wonder what they do with that laptop when they go home? Uh well nowt. Well if they are like me they do. I got "mine" yesterday and it spent the night on the sofa in its case. I have one because I move betwixt offices. I could have had orange mobile broadband as well but frankly it struck me as wasting £20 a month of my employers money. Ok I COULD have taken the "dongle" on holiday with me BUT I'm not called out that often - once a month ? So I'd have used it to load photos and update the blog so I turned it down.

The course was held in the learning centre which comprises a one stop shop a library etc. I was wandering around the library in the 30 minute lunch break and saw a stack of westerns. Now I am not a literary snob and I happily read crime, SF, Fantasy and horror but I've never read any westerns. I've heard of Louis L'Amour but not read a single thing!! Any of it any good?

Saw dad tonight. He had a bit of a surprise this afternoon. The chap who drove the ambulance that took Mum to her radiotherapy was in the area and stopped to ask how she was. He obviously didn't know. As Dad said it was nice of him to ask (alas the answer was not so good) and a nice testament to the impact Mum made on people.


Attila The Mom said...

Aww that was nice of the guy to stop by and see your dad.

And Louis L'Amour is great!

Tricia said...

It's really heartening to hear of actions of some very caring people - what a lovely visitor to think of your Dad and Mum, who obviously made an impression on the driver; goes well beyond the "call of duty"

Carin Fuchs said...

We are used to our own sorrow and that we miss the deceased dearly but it strikes us as very heart-warming when someone - not really close to our loved ones - show a - not expected - care, doesn't it?

Dawn said...

The ambulance man must drive loads of people, it certainly must say something about your Mum if he took the trouble to call in.

I used to read lots of Louis L'Amour, J T Edson etc, it's nice easy escapism, especially if you are into the cowboy thing.

Janine said...

Know the feeling about being management!