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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Daylight robbery

So I awoke to rain – SIGH oh well these things happen.

I hadn’t planned to do anymore churches but I noticed that there were some I could do so off I went.

The first one was locked but next was open.

704 Holy Trinity, Eccleshall

I reached the next to find the locked door. I trudged away but just as I was about to pull away someone arrived. They were doing the flowers today so I could look around!!

705 St John the Baptist, Ashley.

It doesn’t look much does it? Ah! But it has an OC moment!!

The rain was drizzling and I thought stuff it this d300 is meant to be water resistant so I’ll show you Biddulph Grange Gardens.

you enter here

find this inside

and come out here

I went for a sandwich in the restaurant. Looks at price FAINT £4.50?? FOR A SANDWICH!! I left and went to a nearby Tesco. Call me a tight wad if you like but £4.50!! FOR A SANDWICH !!

So suitably replenished here is the nearby Little Moreton Hall


oldcrow61 said...

Never mind about the bit of rain, you've had darn good weather for your holiday. That tomb is fantastic and I do like what's inside Biddulph Grange. I would have nearly fainted at the price of that sandwich as well.

Jan said...

Peeing down with rain here all morning too, summer lasted three days then. Colder too, thinking of lighting the fire in a minute.

You and Alan should get together. He went berserk on Saturday in Tregaron at the prices of the lunch menu, so we just had coffee and a cake each. He had a small wedge of jam and cream sponge, about 3 inches at a guess at the wide end. It was £2.50 lol! My piece of brownie was only £1.20. smirk.

leazwell said...

Like the sculpture work at Ashley. Honestly, Pete, I must come over and play with you some day. We'd have a grand time of it, shooting and what not.

Tash said...

Thanks for the great tour! The stained glass windows are amazing and so well photographed.

Jane said...

Little Moreton Hall... what an amazing place. Would love to have a wander around that. Looks like it's about to topple over.

Carin Fuchs said...

I love the pictures of Little Moreton Hall, - those half-timbered houses do have a charm of their own.

£4.50 for a sandwich? I am afraid not soooooo uncommon over here!

Even if you get bored: Fantastic pictures Pete, as usual! Hope you enjoyed your trip, I sure did! LOL LOL LOL LOL