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Monday, July 14, 2008

Cadfael Country

And so to Shrewsbury. After the success of the Cadfael novels you would expect that you would be able to have the Brother Cadfael experience. Alas the Abbey and its ruins were desecrated by Thomas Telford shoving a road through and today most of the abbey is a car park. This lone survivor looks most forlorn.

The church was sympathetically restored by the Victorian architect JL Pearson.

I've been here before and so we stroll onto my target.

698 St Chad's

Well they like money here. They have their own car park at 90p an hour which was dearer than the council one I was in AND a bloke walked up to me and it was not to say hello but to comment that a £2 donation was requested for photos if that was alright (they got a £1).

So I had two churches left in Shropshire to visit. One wasn't on my agenda but it was early so what the hell. As I turned off the M54 I was virtually there and I thought oh gawd this close to a motorway its bound to be closed but no !! so ....

699 St Bartholomew's, Tong. A wonderful selection of tombs.

So I was on 699 and I saw a sign pointing to a target 3 miles away so.... it was locked ah but the key holder was 50 yards away they were in.... but they couldn't find the key ARGH!!

It was earlyish but on to Attingham Park.

I had a lazy wandered around the house had a slice of cake and sat about finishing Steven Saylor's Rubicon (a great series by the way the Gordianus the Finder novels.).

Some wildlife...

House Martins

Small Tortoiseshell

Any clues?

Large Red Damselfly


oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures Pete. What workmanship in those tombs etc. Butterflies and damsels are beautiful. I'm enjoying your trip.

st said...

any clues-small skipper

st said...

2nd any ideas small heath