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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Sooper Dooper Toosday

Our cousins across the pond are having an election next November. It is therefore a bit puzzling to us Brits that for the past month or so all we've heard about is the US elections. Of course our cousins have to spend flipping ages deciding WHO to put on the ballot before having the ballot.

Anyone thinking that the sums we spend on an election are obscene should look at what is spent over there. Frightening I'll say!!

That said before any American readers think I'm having a go there are some advantages to the American system. It now looks like John McCain will take the Republican nomination, from what I can gather McCain is not wholly loved by the Republicans. Apparently one conservative pundit went as far to say that she would rather vote for Hillary Clinton than John McCain. McCain looks like a bloke you could sit in a pub and have a beer with. Now the last UK Conservative politician you could say that was Ken Clarke and his party desperately tried to stop him being leader.

I don't much about the other Republican candidates. Romney? seems to have LOADS of money to spend and Huckabee is a guitar playing former baptist preacher who quotes the bible. Huckabee is the type of conservative politician that frightens me one that uses religion to focus much of his politics. Now I have no problem with religious belief but I am not convinced that it has any basis in politics. I regard certain issues of morality as personal. The growing political influence of religion is something that really scares me.

That said I bet we Brits no more about the Democrats or at least heard more of them. It's Hilary v Barack. I guess its that for the first time ever there will be someone other tan a white man or the ballot. In some respects Barack Obama's rise is impressive, the idea of a black politician running for PM here seems unthinkable. Not I might add because of their colour but I can't think of any senior politicans. Then again the Americans may be able to site this as an example of the superiority of their system. Then again when Barack opens his mouth I fall asleep. He seems like a clone of Blair, Cameron et al. Change Fairness blah.

On the other hand Hilary though seems to lack Charisma. She lacks the human touch. She seems like Gordon Brown to hubby Bill's Tony Blair.

I appreciate that politics don't translate easily across the pond but I would guess I am a natural Democrat. So why is it that the American politician who I identify with is the slightly rebellious Republican old guy who seems the type you could have a beer with?

Only 9 months to go.


Mary said...

Good write-up, Pete. I laughed in agreement with much of this. Hey, it's slim pickins' every election year. Makes me yawn.

Dawn said...

Barak might not set you on fire, but he is quite good-looking ;)

Anonymous said...

Slim pickings, indeed! Hilary should try out for 'The Taming of the Shrew' - can you imagine listening to that cackle or haranguing voice for 4 years? Four years of her fingers in my wallet? I don't think so!

Barack seems gentlemanly and well-spoken, but there's no 'there' there... all sizzle and no steak, all hat and no cattle - spouting high-sounding phrases and promising the moon. 'Change?' Please! And his new slogan is eerily like the platform of his close friend, and our own Massachusetts Governor, Duval Patrick... "Together We Can!" An empty suit full of platitudes, if ever I heard one...and still he spouts - not an impressive first term. They call him the 'Cadillac of governors,' as his first act was to purchase a new Cadillac DeVille.

As for John McCain, a war hero and seemingly very nice fellow, he's such a moderate Republican, that his views are often so "moderate," as to make him more nearly a Democrat. First Amendment bill (McCain/Feingold) is atrocious, and could signal the end of talk radio. I also disagree with his stand on immigration (Kennedy/McCain Bill).

Other than this, I have no strong opinions. I apologize for the rant, and please excuse my Independent (Republican-leaning) ravings... once again, we must hold our collective nose and vote for the least odious candidate.

Wow, Pete - sorry about this gigantic missive, but that certainly was cathartic... Deb