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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Planning for the weekend

What to blog about? There are so many subjects Kosovo? Castro? Northern Rock? the Diana inquest? uhm methinks not all a bit heavy and political.

This is an odd time of year and probably my least favourite. Firstly we are just about to go into year-end (final testing going on as I type). Secondly there are no butterflies, bumble bees and dragonflies about and migration hasn't started and thirdly the heritage industry is closed down. I think the National Trust reopens about 15th March.

The later is particularly galling since I rather fancy a day this weekend doing something different. And I imagine my readers would prefer something other than pictures of birds so I have put my brain into gear. Options are Tower of London, Kensington Palace (I may be able to sneak a church) or Hampton Court Palace (there is also a church 3.5 miles away on my list).

Anyone any preferences, overseas visitors may want to "see" one of them.


oldcrow61 said...

I want Bees, Butterflies and Dragons! "sob" Are you sure you can't find one somewhere, lol. Speaking for myself, I've been to the Tower. The Palaces may be interesting. I'm sure anything you take pictures of will be great Pete.

Mary said...

I've seen a couple of butterflies flitting about in the forest but too far away to identify.Right now I.m chuffed because i finally saw some hawfinches.

Mary said...

I saw a butterfly flutterby at the weekend.

Janine said...

I always enjoy your photos of ornate gothic churches. Tower of London would be cool too.