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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A BIT of a day

I wandered down to get breakfast this morning. My toast popped up and I thought it needed a bit longer but it wouldn't work, my kettle wasn't boiling the heating had gone off but the wall lights were on. I checked the trip switches and they were all on. Well there was this other switch that looked wrong but it wouldn't go up. Eventually I decided to switch to off and then turn on AH result.

Spent the morning with Dad did some shopping and had a nice dinner. Discovered I had picked up the wrong book! I'm reading book 6 of a detective series before book 5 ho hum.

Decided to go to Amwell and look what was showing.

It was the other side of the pit but a Bittern!!

And so to the feeder station.

Blue Tit

Two male and two female Chaffinch.

Female Reed Bunting - males not playing ball!

Long Tailed Tit


And we'll finish with a selection of Dunnocks that were scurrying underneath.


Toffeeapple said...

Lordy, I'd panic if I thought that I couldn't have my tea first thing!
Love those birds! The Dunnocks bright legs always fascinate me.

oldcrow61 said...

The male Chaffinch is so beautiful. So colourful.

Jan said...

I've got a tame Dunnock! He came right to my feet this morning when I went up the top with the food, he likes the budgie seed I put in the mix, and of course, the suet pellets, everything likes them!

Janine said...

Great shots of the LTT!

Pete said...

TF - frightening eh!
OC - yeah lovely birds.
Jan - I like Dunnocks really underrated!
Janine = thanks!

Mary said...

Got a little ahead of the story, ey? LOL!

Pete, your birds are eye candy. What might be common birds to you are exotic to me!

Great photos and post :o)