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Monday, August 20, 2007

Well it stayed dry

Well the internet came back which was handy! It died last night.

Given the weather forecast was for rain today turned out ok. Well if grey skies in August can be ok.

I popped into Slimbridge and did a bit of birding and took photos of the collection. Saw my first Spotted Redshank of the year, AUGUST!! Seemed fairly quiet. So have a look at some photos.

Birds do choose odd places to nest.

Given the price of Sandwiches £3? for something in a packet? I moved on and ended up at Westbury Court Garden which is the only surviving example of a Dutch Water Garden in the uk.

I then went to Bishops Cleeve to tick the live and Norman 626 St Michael and All Angels.

And finally 627 the very small St Mary's Great Washbourne (the last church on my target list for Gloucestershire!!). You'll note in one picture it is whitewashed but you can see fragments of wall paintings.

And this is sad. I was wondering where to go tomorrow and I'm thinking no can't go there I went there last year and that is on the blog!! So I may go somewhere new I may show you somewhere you've seen before!!

Oh hang on where is Alton Barnes? It has a church I need in Wiltshire!!


Jan said...

Are you aiming to get into the Guinness Book of Records for the most places visited in a set number of days! How long do you actually spend at each place about 10 mins? Anyway, nice photos, glad it stayed dried. And £3 for a sandwich is about the norm, they have to make their money towards running the places somehow.

oldcrow61 said...

Great pictures Pete. The bird photos are wonderful.

Pete said...

jan, cheeky cow. SOME of us actually get up of a morning. arrived at slimbridge when it opened at 9:30

cheers oc.

Cherrypie said...

Go to Wiltshire. Look out for tumbling witches though.

Anonymous said...

Love the pic of the posing one - from the it a goose?

The kinda blue one with yellow beak.


Janine said...

Cute nesting moorhen!

Pete said...

Janine - sure is!

C - Cape Barrens from Tasmania