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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Weather not improving!

As I had breakfast the sun shone but it didn't last.

I went to Tyntesfield. Tyntesfield is the last big National Trust acquisition and it doesn't yet have that National Trust corporate feel. There was a big appeal for funds around 2002. Not all of the house is open yet but what is worth a visit. The Butterfield Chapel alone is worth the entrance. As years go by it will definitely be worth another visit. The guides are VERY enthusiastic.

So after an enjoyable visit I went back to 625 St Michael's Duntisbourne Rouse. It is a Saxon Foundation and quite isolated.

Anyway OC said she is enjoying the stained glass. So as I was close by I popped into St John's Fairford. It is a wonderful building BUT what it is famed for is its stained glass. The glass is acredited to Barnard Flower who worked at Westminster Abbey and King's College Chapel. I think its the only parish church to retain ALL its original glass.

Undoubtedly the finest window is the West Window depicting The Last Judgement.

Oh do we have a church cat?


oldcrow61 said...

What wonderful places you're visiting. Very impressive. The stained glass is fabulous!

Anonymous said...

St John's Fairford - now thats stain glass of the top quality!!

**Puts on list of places to visit**

Love the cat!!


Pete said...

OC/C - its definitely well worth a visit.