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Monday, August 27, 2007

A Tale of Two Churches

I said to a fellow birder and church crawler the other day that I wanted to break 700 churches next year. Given that for the past 4 years I've averaged 30 per year and that as of yesterday I was on 629 and had visited only 22 this year I decided I ought to get my finger out.

So up and off to Kent. Its my neigbouring county but that M25 puts me off but it has 23 churches I still have to tick.

I stopped off at St Lawrence Mereworth (630). It has a fine baroque tower and trompe l'oeil decoration. The old church was knocked down in the 18th century but some monuments from the old church survive. There was a flower festival on and lots of locals about. The church was looking good and the locals were friendly.

Next on my list was St Mary's Nettlestead (631) which contains some really old glass.

It was early and Igtham Mote is unusual for a National Trust property the Garden opens at 10 and the house at 10:30!!

Igtham is old but owes it survival to an American Charles Robinson. Robinson first saw it as a young man in 1917. In 1953 whilst in America Robinson saw the house was for sale and bought it. He left it to the National Trust.

This Moorhen picked a nice spot.

So on to St Mary Cobham (632). It contains the largest collection of Brasses in England and a fine Renaissance Tomb.

I was happily snapping away when a lady approached me and muttered about taking photos in the church, "not policy", and that she hoped there would be a sizeable donation. Well she got the standard £1, next time I'm in the area I'll wander down to Mereworth and stick some more money in their box.


Anonymous said...

Lovely to see Cobham again- when we were in Primary School we went Brass rubbing there.
When I was older I had a couple of School friends who lived in the village.
(That woman sounds a bit sniffy!!)

Ightam Mote always looks great in the must be all that water.
No ducks on the Lake?


Pete said...

Hi C

yes there were two mallards on the lake. Lovely place Igtham.

Take it your friends weren't at the girls school?

oldcrow61 said...

Beautiful churches you have there. The glass in them is fabulous.

digi-birder said...

Ha! I shall be posting about our visit to Ightam Mote in due course, when I get the photos done. Yes, still trying to find time to get the editing done. It is a lovely place. We were camping not too far away. In fact we walked it, although it took longer than mentioned on the campsite notice board. We were a little hot and bothered when we got back to the site.

Anonymous said...

Not that Girls School!! We did play Hockey against them - and usually won but then we were very good at Hockey.

Kate said...

Lovely pics :-)

St Mary's Nettlestead is really pretty. Is it Saxon? Don't laugh if I'm way off.

Pete said...

Kate no don't think so probably. church 15th century tower older though