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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Reality Bites

came home yesterday. I left the hotel in bright sunshine and the further east I got the duller it became. By the time I arrived home it was chucking it down. The plan had been to cut the grass and then do some birding but as it was I put my feet up. Actually it was so chilly at home I stuck the heating on.

I did enjoy the break, it was very relaxing. I reread Connie Willis' To Say Nothing of the Dog, it is meant to be Science Fiction but really it would appeal to a much wider audience. It features time travel but it is not heavy on the science more of a comedy of manners really. I'm now reading Wilkie Collins The Woman in White which was first published in 1861. The Mayfield House Hotel was good. Food was nice, with starters and mains were the best bits for me. I did lower the average age of the clientele quite a bit!

Mum had a blood transfusion yesterday, this is so she'll be able to start the chemo. Having to sit all day everyday, for someone who was very active, must be awful. She has more appetite now than she was and seems brighter. They are getting a new aerial for the telly upstairs so she'll have access to freeview. There 'll be stuff on ITV2/3 that she'll enjoy.

For those who are interested my next break is in two weeks (yes Dawn) but I'm staying at home so hopefully you'll get a tour of local sites of interest in Essex and neighbouring counties.

On a separate topic. I note that Nikon have released two new camera the D300 and D3 and some sooper dooper high powered prime lenses with VR, I mention this for Ms D-Birder and to mention that my credit card will be staying firmly in my pocket.


Mo said...

Canon have a new one out too - 40D (nothing to do with bras). A snip at £900 or another £300 if you want a lens!!

Hope the blood transfusion helps your mum.

Pete said...

Mo - pah we laugh at your £900. the RRP for the D300 is £1,300 and for the d3 £4000

excuse me I'm going to lie down

Pete said...

whoops "only" £3400!!!

Mo said...

In that case, I think I'll just nip out and buy one. No, why not make it two - a spare just in case :-)

Attila The Mom said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom. Here's hoping she has a speedy recovery!