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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Anyone for dinner

It's an old story but since twitchi-birder is posting "odd" links at the mo I thought this might amuse.

There is a restuarant in Beijing that specialises in ..... Penises. Apparently it the only one in China.

You can have Dog, Snake, Ox etc.

Excuse me I think I'll eat a salad.


digi-birder said...

"Odd" links? Moi?

Again, we can see why we should be boycotting Chinese products where possible. This is just another example of the idiotic idea that eating animal parts bestows super-human powers, or whatever, on the person eating said parts. No wonder species are declining due to this madness. And I'll wager they are not at all from animals that died of old age.

Cherrypie said...

Would it be greedy of me to ask if they serve Horse?