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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

All Change

Well Mum was due to come out of the hospice today. The special bed came this morning and it was a case of getting the carers in place (funding is available).

HOWEVER, her white blood cells are too low to continue the chemo tablets at home (as they are too low to fight the infection she has) and so she is going into Hospital so she can continue the treatment and be monitored. I suspect that the reason she is brighter is that she is on anti-biotics and she isn't on chemo tablets at the moments so her body can cope better.

Dad sounded, well I don't know how he sounded. He has said she should have been in hospital all along as there they can treat her, I suspect he's just peeded off an worried. They are in Accident & Emergency - beggars belief. They'll be there flipping hours.

Obviously I'll pop in and see her tonight. I hope she is in the type of ward she was for the breast op which was 4 people. At least that way there will be people she can talk to. She does like a good gossip ;)

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Cherrypie said...

I bet they'll know all about you within half an hour of her hitting the ward.

It's a bit of a rollercoaster you are all on