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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Not a bad day

Well Dave and Joy picked me up about 6:45 and off to Erith. Our target?

It was dull early on so I've played with some of the photos. Probably overdone it.

Fair amount of wildlife about. Ring Necked Parakeet, Grey Wagtail, Stonechats, Great Grested Grebe and of course....

So we arrive at Rainham Marshes early with the Sun now out. We walk along the path by the Thames with two RSPB volunteers coming the opposite way.

Us - much about ?
Them - Do you want to see a Marsh Warbler?

is the Pope a catholic?

So off we went, and showimg well was a Marsh Warbler. We even had "scope views". I don't have a photo for you but it looks virtually identical to a Reed Warbler, bit greyer, no red brown rump and totally differnt song.

So here is a Reed Warbler.

We had a late breakfast and then on. Mr D saw the Garganey briefly, Joy and I didn't mutter.

Lots of Whitethroats and Reed Buntings.

Dave in summer plumage.

Lots of these, noisey devils.

Lots of Dragons and Damsels. First Hairy Dragonfly, Emperor, Darter and ....

Black-Tailed Skimmer.

We had a nice lunch at the Rainbow and Dove in Harlow. The reported Lesser Scaup at Amwell was corrected to Greater Scaup but it was a patch tick and so off we went. Also got Little Ringed Plover for the year.

Lovely day in good company as ever.


Mary said...

I love watching dragonflies, but alas they never stay still for me to get a photo.

Pete said...

my sympathies Mary, it's luck !!

oldcrow61 said...

Fabulous pictures Pete.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos Pete - like the Heron (not sure-- was it a Heron??) -always nice and calm here - I like your blog because it is just so pleasant each day. The post of Clare Castle with the photos is great too even though they were taken on the little camera!! Hope you have a great day Pete.

Pete said...

thanks all

hi Oceans yep its a type of heron. A squacco Heron

Dawn said...

Very very nice, you jammy toerag (not jealous at all) how far away were you? close? or was it a zoom lens thingy? That summer plumaged Dave-bird's a bit wierd though innit?

Pete said...

not that far away Dawn, sooperdooper views.

nicola said...

I like em...but (you knew there would be one) they are too central in the photo, some would benifit of looking in to the photo, if you know what I mean, if not ring are really improving though, but do the off centre thing and it would improve again :)