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Monday, June 11, 2007

Nature In Art

My parents had Flog It on Saturday night. Now I actually quite like this, I got into it when I was out of work 5 years or so a go. I sit there going how much? I wouldn't pay 50p for it!!

In each program presenter Paul Martin visits a local attraction. On Saturday the attraction was Nature In Art. The world's first museum dedicated exclusively to fine, decorative and applied art inspired by nature from any period, any culture and in any media. The museum features a number of artists in residence throughout the season.

The Museum is situated in Wallsworth Hall a Georgian Mansion gaining a * in Simon Jenkins 1000 Best English Houses.

So a historic house and a museum about wildlife art combined... and I hadn't heard of them!! The quick tour featured work by Peter Scott and (and I never caught the artist) a wonderful pencil drawing of ducks!! I sat there thinking I really must visit this!

Modern wildlife artists don't seem to be treated as proper artists in this country whereas in his native Sweden an artist like Lars Jonsson is the subject of major exhibitions.

Pete wonders if he can fit a long weekend in in August. Strokes chin, thinks.....


Diddums said...

I saw that too! Those pencil drawings of the ducks were incredible. Have mentioned your blog post in my latest meme.

Anonymous said...

And I've finally moved the meme to my new blog. How long have I been moving? Must have been for over a year.