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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Monday 18th June

I know I could have gone nature watching this morning but I went to Worcester so here is a tour of the cathedral.

The Quire contains the 3 principle treasures.

The Bishops Cathedra.

The tomb of King John (yes the Robin Hood King John).

And perhaps the most significant as far as Worcester is concerned, the tomb of Arthur, Prince of Wales. Arthur was the elder brother of Henry VIII and it was his sudden death in 1502 that meant Henry became King. If Arthur hadn't died the English Reformation may never have happened.

As it was Arthur's tomb meant that at the time of the dissolution of the Monastries Worcester's status was secure.

I went for a walk around the outside. Annoyingly to get a good photo you have to cross the river, so you have to put up with these.

Was a bit surprised to find a Spotted Flycatcher in the middle of Worcester.

Worcester is famous for Edward Elgar.

The Guildhall is a pretty impressive building.

So onwards and upwards. The church I was after was locked so I went straight to Hanbury Hall. Its a typical William & Mary redbrick house.I went for a stroll around the garden

The orangery is a replica of the one at Kensington Palace in miniture.

It rained so I sat in a garden and read for a while (i was in the pavillion opposite of this).

The house contains a very fine stairway mural.

Now near to my hotel is another National Trust property. So a special bonus special .... Upton House.

Although a William & Mary House it was purchased by the founder of Shell and in the 20's converted into a Museum for his collection. The collection is superb. Rembrandt, Stubbs, Canaleto ooh a Hogarth. There are some superb paintings. The top floor contains an exhibit of shell advertising art and a bathroom covered in Aluminium leaf. Flipping odd.

Something else odd is that from the House you can't see the garden.

oh here it is.

Pity really as it is rather nice.

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Janine said...

The cathedral looks awesome.