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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Misery Guts

Went to Lakenheath Fen this morning. I hate Lakenheath Fen, its not the reserve its the fact that you tend to stand with other birders looking for one specific bird, Golden Oriole. It may also be the fact that everyone sees the things and I'm going "what" "where?". I did have one flash of a yellow bird.

I suppose I can now tick the thing and never go back.

I tend to like my birding to be quiet and away from other birders. Or rather not surrounded by other birders. I don't mind places like Titchwell or Minsmere.

Last year i arrived at Lakenheath at 6:30 to find an RSPB coach trip arrive at the same time. I promptly turned around and went somewhere else.


KAZ said...

Absolutely - birdwatching should be done with a close friend or maybe two.
Bird hides seem to attract school parties, mobile phone users and people with loud voices.

Saw an overhead flash of oriole in Spain last year.

Mary said...

HA! I like to be alone, too. I get miffed when someone shows up on my trail!

Cherrypie said...

I've just spent a week in a gorgeous Tuscan villa with 20 non-birders surrounded by olive groves bursting with Golden Oriole, wild boar, deer and swallowtail butterflies. Guess who was the one person in the group who didn't see the Oriole!