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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Local again

So the Oven Repairman went and I headed out. It was chucking it down so I left the camera at home.

At Amwell there were loads of Canada Geese, Common Tern with chicks on the raft, Redshank, Ringed Plover and a Green Sandpiper being the highlights.

Headed onto Rye Meads, lots of young birds but highlights were Ruddy Duck Chicks (aw) and Tufty Chicks diving away. Looks like some Terns have fledge, great fun watching Terns return with fish. Young Kestrels in the box and a Kingfisher seen leaving the bank.

Wretched weather but relaxing.


Anonymous said...

Too wet for any photos Pete??? Guess it was not photo weather.

Emma said...

I thought they killed all the Ruddy Ducks???

Pete said...

Oceans - afraid so, lots today though

Hi Emma!! Well they shot loads but weren't able to get all of them.

Jan said...

That Emma gets everywhere! So naughty. (forgot to log her out!)

Erm, thanks for the info. I suppose that means they will have another go then.