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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Blackbird Alarms

I was laying on the bed last night reading and the all I could hear was the alarm calls of Blackbirds. I wandered out the front and could see the Blackbirds on roofs and lampposts but could see not any threat, I went out back and there was a blackbird out there chinking away too.

I wandered back out later as they were still at it and there was a cat, whether he was the cause of activity I wasn't sure.

This morning I saw 2 baby blackbirds in the back garden AH!! I went. Mr BB flew in as if wondering when I was doing the Sultana run, both adults were about. Out I popped and he was soon tucking in. The young can fly so they should be fine especially with such attentive parents.


shirl said...

Hi Pete,

Ah yes the sultana run - a popular time of the day in my garden too! The Song Thrushes and Starlings enjoy them too.

Hope the blackbird chicks stay safe - we lost one when it hit an upstairs window then fell to the ground. Shame.

Mary said...

Pete, I hope those babies fare well. Last night I heard mockingbirds in a fit of rage. It was a cat.

The photos you posted on Sunday are incredibly good! I'm definitely coming back for more. You are quite a photographer! Birds are very difficult subjects :o)