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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And so another year begins

so what have I been up to since last we spoke?
I finished Trudi Canavan's "Priestess of the White". Started a bit slowly but did get going toward the end. Sets things up for book 2 which is out in paperback in a few weeks. I'm now halfway through "Hawkmistress!" by Marion Zimmer Bradley.
I didn't see the new year in! Miserable old git eh!
On New Years Day I did not tick 63 birds by 8am as CP guessed. I did see 36 species over Hatfield Forest - highlights were a Sparrowhawk (surprisingly my first over the forest), Marsh Tit, Treecreeper, Nuthatch, Goldcrest and Bullfinch (at least 3 males). On to Amwell Gravel Pits where I got 38 species. Highligts being Smew (2 drakes), Goldeneye, Marsh Tit, Grey Wagtail and a Water Rail. The total seen were 59 (including a few at my folks). A few notable omissions no Great Spotted Woodpecker, Song Thrush, Greenfinch(!!), Coal Tit (well not really a surprise), Reed Bunting. Oh an urban fox was nice.
After all the roasts it was a nice change to have Scampi & Chips New Years Day. I am now willing the weather to be ok for Sat-Tues next week!

Plans for the year? Well I want to visit Buckinghamshire there are a few churches there I want to clean up but mostly it has a raft of National Trust Places I haven't visited.
Boarstall Duck Decoy
Boarsstall Duck Tower
Claydon House
Waddesdon Manor (the gardens are only free to HHA Members, luckily I am!!)
West Wycombe Park

There are some non NT places as well.
Chenies Manor House
Nether Winchenden House
Dorney Court (ok just in Berks)

I also want to go to Somerset/North Devon because there are lots of churches to visit in the area.

I want to see a Swallowtail Butterfly and a Golden-ringed Dragonfly. I have no real wants on my bird list. I'll have to see a Golden Oriole I suppose. I just find standing around with a load of birders waiting for a flight view a bit depressing

I have a date with Cherrypie in November to see Seals. I may have to get a chaperone along though.

There is one other thing I'd like to do but since there is no chance I won't bother mentioning it!


Kate said...

"There is one other thing I'd like to do but since there is no chance I won't bother mentioning it!"

Oh, you can't say that, now you have to tell us ;-)

Happy New Year!

Pete said...

oh it involves foreign birding. Nic was asking about this as well so she'll be pleased to get an answer.

nicola said...

Hey I didnt tell you did I...guess who has more holiday next week!!!!


Pete said...


Nic take it in summer next year!! Think of the light for photography.

nicola said...

I cant, think of the hogs!!!

Cherrypie said...

And I note I was only 4 off. That wasn't a bad guess, now was it?

Anonymous said...

T'n'T or Equador or ??????????????

They are all possible you know...

Seany said...

Sounds like the makings of a busy year - all the best for 2007 Pete!

Pete said...

Anony - nah

Seany - busy? I'll get lots of ANOTHER HOLIDAY from the "usual suspects"

Anna said...

Seals? You lucky pair... I'd love to see some seals!