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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Lavenham and Melford again

Tomorrow is a concert day so Trish is up visiting. I took her out today to Lavenham and Long Melford.

As we were driving along a Tawny Owl flew RIGHT in front of the car.

When I posted last weeks Melford trip to Twitter I asked the National Trust's East of England Twitter feed if visiting Melford's "other" house would be deemed treachery and the response was ... yes ;)

So to not be accused of treachery :) we went to Lavenham first...

The church....

A few pics from around Lavenham.

So a walk around Lavenham's fabulous guildhall. It's a fascinating building to visit and gives a nice view of life in past times.

I've always thought a barrel was a barrel but I never knew a barrel was a unit of measurement. Here we see a barrel with a kilderkin.

The tearoom is nice. I was a good lad and didn't have cake! Very nice cup of tea though!

The Little Hall

A rather classy looking estate agents!

And so to Long Melford's "other" historic house Kentwell. Kentwell is famous for it's "recreations", however although a member of the HHA scheme you still have to pay if you visit during a recreation. That said I think it is worth visiting for the recreations since Kentwell doesn't contain any great artistic treasures and the garden is a tadge "scruffy". The house was rescued in the early 70's by the Phillips family and all credit to them. If it were in the care of the Trust it would be prettier and neater but as it is it makes for an interesting change.

Apparently this is the largest species of Donkey.


Tricia Ryder said...

Was a good visit eh.. but the Tawny Owl was a real show stopper!

Ragged Robin said...

Lovely photos Pete. Lavenham and church are beautiful - wonderful stained glass windows too. The donkey and lambs are so cute.

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