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Sunday, July 28, 2019

London a stroll and some music

I haven't been to a Sunday coffee morning concert at Wigmore Hall since November 2016. I decided recently I needed to do STUFF and there were spare seats to the last of the Summer season so....

I got off at Liverpool street and wandered.... we have a week of blue skies but at the weekend? GREY!!

I suspect the Central line at Epping tomorrow will be less quiet

As will Liverpool street

I do like this apt in our current climate.

There's always plenty of art in the City...

Surrounded by tall buildings!!

St Dunstan in the East... damaged during WWII now a lovely garden. This is something good about London the areas of green.

St Paul's

Trafalgar Square

a fine monument to Edith Cavell

The concert was at Wigmore Hall by the Chiaroscuro Quartet....

And it was excellent!! I have missed these trips so have booked some more!!

The programme was

Ludwig van Beethoven -  String Quartet no. 4 in C minor, Op.18 no.4
Franz Schubert  - String Quartet no. 14 "Death and the Maiden" in D minor, D.810

The Schubert was AMAZING the performance so intense.

It is scary to think that Schubert was dead within 4 years of Death of the Maiden at 31.... if say Beethoven had died at 31 all of his best symphonies would have been unwritten and his legacy perhaps very different. One can only imagine what Schubert might have written.

Any how it was a lovely morning.

Saturday, July 27, 2019


I was doing a pony transfer this morning so had to head South of the river  (something I hate as the M25 going back is always crap as it was today!!)

So after collecting the Ponies I headed to Chartwell....

As ever the scone was excellent!

After all that sun.... GREY!!

The gardens were looking good.