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Saturday, March 31, 2018


Another lousy day of weather. I decided to head to Paycocke's a small tudor house that was built as a wedding present for Cloth merchant Thomas Paycocke.

It's a small property but an interesting one with a nice small garden that is a great place to sit and read a book when the garden is in full bloom.

This poor teddy was left out all night as part of the Easter Egg trail... BEAR ABUSE!!


Last time I was here (last year) the scone wasn't very good HOWEVER this Hot Cross Bun scone was very edible !!  I believe they are using recipe's from the excellent National Trust Scones book

I will be heading back again throughout the year.

Friday, March 30, 2018

Melford Hall

I got to Wimpole Hall at just after 10am and there was a massive queue..... this was not good. So I turned around and headed to Melford Hall where I hoped it would be quieter....

OK I accept that is a long drive but it had to be done.... I forgot how at Easter the NT gets a little busy..... tomorrow I will be visiting another small property!

And as it's Easter the Weather was PANTS! Still Melford Hall 16th Century home of the Hyde-Parkers

The house was extensively damaged by fire in 1942 but was rebuilt. It passed to the National Trust in 1960. Oh Beatrix Potter was a cousin and a visitor.

Melford has changed it's catering ! I think for the better. They extended the "posh" seating area and the old "common" seating area / serving area is pure serving area.

Still the rain held off to after I left.... ;)