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Saturday, September 16, 2017

St Mary's, Finedon

The slow march to a 1000 churches wanders slowly on!

868 St Mary's, Finedon

This weekend is the flower festival of St Mary's, Finedon so off I toddled up the M11 and A14. Finedon also has as its Parish Priest the Reverend Richard Coles Radio Presenter, Pop Star (the Communards) and now dancer on Strictly Come Dancing. Perhaps he and his partner would be dancing up the nave? This fantasy was quickly dashed as I was listening to him on Saturday Live on my radio.

This strainer arch is very unusual I don't remember seeing one in a parish church.

I stopped at Anglesey Abbey for my scone. Sadly the most excellent baker there (who has really improved the scones there)  is leaving. Her final contribution is this Pear, Cinnamon and Honey specimen!


Tricia Ryder said...

Pity he wasn't dancing down the isle.. dancing should be 'interesting'. Flowers look pretty and interesting arch! Shame about the excellent scone maker leaving Anglesey though...

Ragged Robin said...

Beautiful church - always so lovely to see churches full of flowers :) Will be interesting to see the Reverend on Strictly!!