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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Thornton-le-Dale and Nunnington Hall again

today didn't go at all as planned! I had intended going to Middleham &  Richmond Castles but I decided that with rain forecast a 100 mile round trip was a waste!

So I went to Thornton-le-Dale a picturesque village down the road. It is very touristy lots of tea rooms. I liked it as it had a  large pond....

Sledmere house was closed today so off to Castle Howard but there was a triathon on and the roads were chocker block with bikes. Hmmm I missed my turn off I think as I was concentrating on avoiding bikes and it was belting down.... I saw the sign for Nunnington and thought well may as well have lunch there. It stopped raining as well!!!

A few post lunch photos

Clarence is very concerned that Peter Rabbit is left out in the rain!!!

As I had eaten a scone here last Saturday I went for a latte and the Pea Lettuce and Mint Soup which was rather tasty. Young Pickering posing with the coffee!

BTW £2.15 is the price of an NT cup of tea up here! A scone and tea is £4 hmmm I'm sure I normally pay less at home!!

After lunch the sun came out!!!

I found a chair which was dry and decided to read. I went for another stroll

I returned to my seat to continue my book.... my view!

Whoops naughty!

Nothing that I had planned buy a lovely day. Oh forgot to mention Tree Sparrow on thfeeders

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Tricia Ryder said...

Well Plan B seems to have turned out a success - looks lovely where you were.... and you had sunshine!! Pouring rain on my journey south.. Pickering seems to be enjoying himself :)