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Saturday, July 15, 2017

Nunnington Hall

I am on holiday.......again before anyone says it ;) ..... this time I'm in North Yorkshire.

As Nunnington Hall is near to the pub I'm staying in I decided it was a good place to visit today.... oh and it was raining in Yorkshire.

Nunnington often has exhibitions of  art from children's books this time it is Nick Sharratt who illustrates Jacqueline Wilson's books.

The Christie Collection of minitures

The garden at Nunnington is small but I do like it.... lots of wildflowers to encourage wildlife

Poor bunny left out in the rain!!!

Mr Quacks spotted the vines!!

Not much sun and rain but still flutters....

The scone was a little stodgy.....

What a great place name..... Wombleton.

A good first day!

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Oh gosh! What a gorgeous place - love the house and gardens. Those little miniatures are lovely and good to see so many butterflies. Poor bunny though :(
I want to return to Yorkshire - perhaps for our second holiday this year!