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Saturday, November 05, 2016

Sutton Hoo

Bizarrely I've never been to Sutton Hoo. I say bizarrely as I have visited over 190 National Trust properties and I have driven past it many times.

Sutton Hoo is famous for the 7th century Anglo Saxon ship-burial and is probably the most important Anglo Saxon find ever found in England. The ship-burial contents, including the famous helmet, were given to the nation by Edith Pretty (who organised the excavation of the site) and are now at the British Museum and it is spectacular.

The famous Mound 1 was excavated in 1939 and the outbreak of war meant that the contents were in storage during WWII.

There are two cemeteries at Sutton Hoo and not all of them have been excavated. so there may be some exciting stuff there.

Of course given that the contents are in the British Museum the National Trust have to present it without the things we all want to see !

You can walk out to the mounds so that is what we did.

Tranmer House (which we'll come back to)

This is Mound 2 which has been rebuilt. You can't walk to the mounds.

This is Mound 1 where the ship-burial was excavated.

Tranmer House is where Edith Pretty who organised the excavation of the site lived.

This is a nut cracker! You lift his tail and his mouth opens!

There is an exhibition centre that contains some replicas of the finds, a history of the site and a replica of the shipb-urial

The ship-burial

Well it would be rude not to.... especially as the Scone Master Rob of Dunwich has moved to Sutton Hoo.

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Ragged Robin said...

A very interesting post Pete with some lovely photos. I would so like to visit the site and the British Museum - my son has seen the original helmet there and apparently it is superb :) Have visited the Staffordshire Hoard exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery which is excellent (now the crowds have gone away!!! ) :)