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Thursday, August 18, 2016

St Mary's, Luton

Some of the churches on my list are awkward because they are in places I have no need or desire to go to or they are open at odd times. One such place is Luton it is not a lovely place and it isn't open at weekend. However I was off today and I found I could gain entry so....

847 St Mary, Luton

It is an interesting church and here looks well situated but if you turn the other way shudder...

The Baptistery which is quite unusual! I've never seen one like this in an English church.

Curiously although not a lover of modern art I find modern stained glass more interesting than the Victorian fascination with saints.


I left Luton and I doubt I'll ever go back but St Mary's is worth a visit.


Tricia Ryder said...

Glad you made it.. ;)Love the modern stained glass window and the organ pipes.. amazing Baptistery...

with that view - hard to believe where church is located .. I still have no desire to go to Luton!!

Ragged Robin said...

Don't think I'ever been to Luton! but the church is superb - so many interesting features. The chequerboard pattern of the exterior looks unusual to me.