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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Sconeathon & Southwold

Today was Sconeathon at Dunwich Heath..... well you of course expect me to go!

We left in earlish and arrived for a quick stroll around Southwold which apparently Trish has never been to!

The famous Southwold beach huts they go for 6 figure sums..... honestly however much money I had I couldn't justify it.

Southwold is dominated by the Adnams brewery!

This is a lovely church..... one of the best in Suffolk.

This is a 70 seater cinema!! How cool is that!

I'll have to spend a day at Southwold...... could buy a pie and cheese and eat on the front.

And then to Dunwich!

Chocolate & Chilli

Coconut & Lemon curd

Peanut & Banana

We met up with some friends!!! Anyone who thinks I am a bit odd (well I am) :D

We took some scones away Lady Jane, Goats Cheese & Peach & Strawberry & Vanilla!

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