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Sunday, August 14, 2016


You would think I had visited most of the National Trust properties close to me but there are a few properties that are either awkward to visit due to location (London suburbs)  or opening times.

Owletts for instance is only open on Sundays and since I was on my own on a Sunday for a change off I headed!

Owletts is a "small" 17th century property in the village of Cobham in North Kent. The architect Sir Herbert Baker was born and lived here.

There are only five rooms open but the house is a very liveable one.

There is a small tearoom with an honesty system. Alas NO SCONES!!! sigh.


Tricia Ryder said...

Owletts looks lovely.. pretty garden and house... comfy...

Love the owls in the rooms :) ..... pity no scones, but nice find!

Ragged Robin said...

A lovely property - love the owls in the house and the beautiful ceiling :) As you know I am rather partial to the swing :)