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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Lavenham Guildhall

As I had other things to do today I headed to Lavenham and its very fine Guildhall.

Obviously there are no great artistic treasure inside but it is a fascinating piece of social history. The trust use the building to show the uses of the Guldhall throughout its history (Guildhall, Bridewell (prison or reform school) and Workshouse) as well as the history of the town.

mark to stop evil spirits.

There is an interesting film showing Lavenham in the 40's it's almost interesting to note that by the 40's many of the buildings were run down. Whereas today Lavenham looks incredibly prosperous.

A nice stroll around a lovely large village.

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Ragged Robin said...

Great photos and a lovely village - always love your pictures from here. I see you have found some Medieval Graffiti :) Have you read the book by Matthew Champion? Some fascinating carvings in the Norfolk churches :)