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Monday, February 15, 2016


As regular readers know I like churches (even if my ability to move my list is struggling) and on Twitter I follow the excellent Churches Conservation Trust (CCT). The CCT looks after redundant churches, these are churches that are no longer needed for worship but are historically important.

I've noticed a few tweets by them referring to Champing and I was puzzled as to what this was. Apparently it is a combination of the terms Churches and Camping.

Essentially in 2015 the CCT opened up some of its churches for people to camp in. It'll cost you £55 per night and includes a cooked breakfast.

If you want more information then check out the Champing website.

Or you could watch this video

since the video was made there are 10 champing churches

1 comment:

Ragged Robin said...

Its a clever idea Pete - I've also noticed reference to it on Twitter! I can't get the website to load but will try later.

To be honest I have been camping just once in my life and I am not sure it is something I am in a hurry to do again!!