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Sunday, December 06, 2015

Alison Balsom and the London Chamber Orchestra at Saffron Hall

I spent the afternoon at Saffron Hall. I was there to see superstar trumpeter Alison Balsom and the London Chamber Orchestra in a programme of Baroque Music.

The programme started with

Corelli Concerto Grosso Op.6 No.8 in G minor  

This was the LCO on their own and lovely it was too. They were joined on stage by Balsom for

Tartini Trumpet Concerto in D Major D53

Now refreshingly Balsom spoke to the audience saying her first professional gig had been with the LCO and explaining that  the piece had been rearranged for Trumpet and very enjoyable it was. Balsom and the LCO then played

Bach Orchestral Suite No.3 in D major, BWV 1068

Now interestingly Balsom didn't take centre stage but joined the two LCO trumpeters at the back. This pieces second movement is one that was later rearranged as the famed Air on a G String.

After the interval the LCO returned to play

Geminiani Concerto Grosso No.12 in D minor, after Corelli, Op.5 No.12 "La Follia"

Balsom returned for

Albinoni Oboe Concerto in B flat major Op.7 No.3 (arr. for trumpet)

and then

Vivaldi Concerto for Three Violins in F major, RV 551 (arr. for trumpets)

Balsom explained that she had the piece especially arranged for the concert (price a case of wine!). She was joined up front by the LCO's two trumpeters of whom she was incredibly generous in her praise also she never hogged the solos they were nicely shared.

All 3 returned to the back of the Orchestra to finish with

Handel Overture to The Occasional Oratorio

The concert was excellent and the applause very generous and I do hope Balsom and the LCO return soon. Both seemed to be enjoying the concert. Oh and Balsom may be a superstar trumpeter but she came across as a very generous performer.

Highly recommended.

oh Fence and boiler repaired by 9:30 this morning!

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