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Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Treasurer's House and some churches

I am not a fan of English cities. Italian cities manage to keep their historic centres free of traffic, they have large piazza's whereas English cities feel claustrophobic.

Still today I went to York.... if Trish had been with me no doubt I'd have used the park and ride and spent the day but I've been before and so I parked in the city centre (Expensive even by London standards!!!).

I had targets and it started well as I headed to

822. All Saints, North Street, York with its fine 15th century stained glass. The colourful floor is modern and was installed by two chaps one of whom was there today. Very well done it is too.

All Saints is a fine church but like most city churches it is swamped by modern buildings that lack none of its charm.

So back across to the centre. My next two must visit attractions didn't open to 11 so I wandered a bit and found a Betty's Tearoom and if you think I'm playing £3.40 for a cuppa and £4.10 for a scone ..... the minster is amazing but £10? Well been before .....

So it is 11 o'clock and the Treasurer's House was open .....  and yes it offered AWARD WINNING SCONES.......

The house was a shell restored in the 19th century by Franj Green. It is a multitude of styles and a fascinating building well worth a visit the guides were very knowledgable and informative.

So I headed to the cafe...... and ordered my drink and a Lavender Scone....

My drink arrived with a ticket to pay..... I drank a bit and waited, drank a bit and waited..... I finished my drink and no scone.....At the next table scones arrived. OK I could have asked  but a scone without a drink is not the same so I went to pay.

I handed over my slip and explained the scone  hadn't arrived.

The young lady explained it was probably still being warmed and that cream teas came with a cold plain scone and that Cheese and Lavender were heated.

I said well I've finished my drink so I'd just pay....

Did I want the scone to take away? well no I didn't that's not the point.....

I tried to smile but I was a bit fed up..... its like going to a restaurant and your side order of veggies turning up when everyone else is half way through or finished... SIGH

The thing is I doubt I'll ever go back to York so I'll never know how good it is ......

Still I did get into

823 St Michael Le Belfry, York

So that's all of the York churches I need done!

I had it on good authority (a church warden by email) that another nearby church was open so

824 All Saints, Bolton Percy.

Love that Millenium Window!

Oh I did get a scone. I popped into Beningborough Hall again,

Tomorrow I head South and I may have company as Ponders is coming..... oh and Trish ;)


Tricia Ryder said...

There's something very familiar about the building, in which Betty's Tea Rooms is... Hampton Court Palace?...

Glad you got your churches... and disappointing about the 'lack of' scone :(

and yes... your P & Q is about to go on hold :)

National Trust Scones said...

That's such a shame about the Treasurers House scone. I still dream of the Christmas pudding scone I had there last year.