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Monday, August 31, 2015


So it is the August Bank Holiday and I awoke to .... RAIN!! And rain it has.....

So off to West Street Vineyard for breakfast.....

Mine ....


So as the weather was so pants off to Ickworth to look around the house.

I bet these Lemons wish they were in Italy or Spain !

The East Wing on the third floor

The view

So in the house and the basement first!

and now for the posh bit!


The plan had to visit West Wycombe Church and then West Wycombe Park which is only open at 2pm..... unfortunately the church had a wedding going on.... so instead of hanging around we drove to another National Trust property that opens at 2pm that I have never been to ..... Ascott

Ascott Park is the home of a branch of the Rothschilds and all owned by the National Trust the family still live there. Which I suppose explains why it has limited opening, no indoor photography, the tea room is not National Trust and there are do not walk on the grass signs EVERYWHERE.

The house has a fine art collection. Cuyp's, a Turner, a Hogarth, a Gainsborough..... OOH a Rodin Sculpture! But it is still a liveable house as well. The house looks old but was greatly extended in 1874.

When we arrived it started raining.... even the gardens still looked amazing. Oh to be there with blue skies.

the scone.... ok

A bit like Waddesdon it feels like a private house and the Rothschild's still seem in control.  An odd arrangement.....  but a lovely place to visit.