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Monday, June 01, 2015

There their I am not OCD really!

For some reason I noticed that a blog post called “Deal or No Deal” from May 2006 had come up in the days most visited blog posts. I wrote a blog about Deal or No Deal? So I headed off to read what I had written. And you know what  I realised that in TWO places I had used there instead of their and promptly changed them.

Curiosity peaked I read another couple of posts from that period (correcting typos!!). I noticed I was a lot more wordy in those dim and distant days, I expressed many more opinions and put more effort into thinking of things to say. These days it is generally likely to be I went to X…… and then post a ton of pictures…… I’m not sure what people prefer (if any!).

In other news. Your blogger has long resisted the march of the Smart Phone and still has an old fashioned Nokia. Smart Phones particular irritate me. People getting under my feet glued to the phone swishing their fingers over the screen OR taking a photo and taking flipping ages to do so and do not get me started on selfie sticks……

BUT I now have one for work SIGH. I will admit however it is a very stylish beast (Samsung A3).

The problem is I think I will have to bite the bullet…. Even airlines now want you to download your boarding pass to your phone……

I showed said smart phone to my dad  and said how much do you think this would cost…….

Dad - £50??
Me – LOLOLOL £270

Now I have done some research and have decided that my requirements are something that looks good, performs well and is cheap as chips! Which of course is the problem! 

I also don’t NEED one, I will concede they can be useful but NEED ah there in goes the rub. Yes I would like  to tweet the odd thing on the go I will admit that occasionally I want to look something up and don’t really want to fire up the laptop but can I really justify it? The answer is no but I have enough tesco club card vouchers that I could “double up” to almost cover the cost of a decent budget model (the fact that I can afford something more is immaterial my needs are basic and I’d rather spend the money or something I REALLY need or want – holidays!!) and the monthly contract would be the same as my pay and go bill……


If I do get one if you ever see me using a selfie stick you have my permission to kick me!


Ragged Robin said...

lol :) Brilliant post Pete.

I'd love an i-phone or smart phone (or are they one and the same?)(think of all those brilliant apps you can get) but just can't justify expense sadly :( OH had one for work but now he's taken early retirement its been replaced by a cheap pay as you go just like mine! Daughter has an i-phone and I just love it :) Son refuses to use a mobile of any description!

ps Check penultimate paragraph - 3rd word - there is an unnecessary S :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Caroline... I have a smart phone and really only use about 20% of it I guess. And LOL, you're as bad as I am for correcting text.. :) Smartphone is, I believe, a generic term for a phone that acts as a computer and therefore includes Android & iPhone.

Pete...And yes, it's really handy if you can get a good wifi connection, to look up something on the web without having to boot the laptop.

I just feel we're all being forced into getting androids/iphones these days whether we want/need them or not - the boarding pass option being an example... Although at least we still have choices... for the moment!!

Roy Norris said...

Great post Pete. Regarding the blog posts.
Its the photograph that should tell the story anyway.

Yes, I know what you mean about people texting all the time and you know what you can do with your selfie stick.{:))
I have succumbed to the IPhone a long time ago now, but it is useful and everything like emails, dairy etc I get on the Mac or iPad I also get on the phone as well. I must say it is useful.