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Sunday, January 18, 2015

A bit of birding......

So after lunch I headed to Amwell Gravel pits..... annoyingly the reported Smew was not showing but there were several Goldeneye. Lots of other ducks and gulls. The woods had a big flock of tits and finches (including Siskin).

Song Thrush

Great Crested Grebe

Konik Ponies

Reed Bunting (Male)


another male


Ragged Robin said...

Shame about the smew - but looks as though you are making a good start to the 2015 bird list :)

Nora said...

Hey there Pete, thanks so much for putting the names on the birds, my bird book does not id your birds. You got some good close ups. I want you to come over and see my bear today. Come on.