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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Last visit of the year to Audley End

The year is coming to an end and today was the last visit of the year to Audley End.

It was cold, dull and grey. On the small pond there were loads of Canada Geese and there was also a Coot that seemed to be on a nest!!

A lone apple!

Are we getting chickens soon?

The bothy garden has been empty seems the restoration has started.....

These two ducks were trying to find a bit of quiet! Never seen them in this bit of the garden!

The trees are so architectural without leaves/


NatureStop said...

Enjoyed your post and nice images.Have a Blessed Christmas!


Ragged Robin said...

Nice wintry pics Pete but where are the scones? !!Have a lovely Christmas :)

Pete Duxon said...

Shantana - thanks Happy Christmas!

RR - and happy Christmas to you. The catering at Audley not so hot and I had too many the day before so behaving!