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Saturday, December 06, 2014

Ickworth and a Mince Pie Scone!

I woke ridiculously early. It was cold and there had been a heavy frost so I nipped downside made a cuppa turned on the heating and went back to bed. It was lovely and warm!

But the sun was out and the sky was blue so eventually I headed out.

Now I should have been out birding as I haven't been to Rye Meads in AGES but the National Trust have a special scone for Christmas throughout the East of England region and there is a shop I wanted to visit so off to Ickworth!

They had a Christmas Event on so lots of ankle biters about!

And scone time! It was nice and I'll have to try some at other sites (quality control you understand), I will say that the tea hasn't been hot enough both times I've been there. I did comment to the chap who cleared my table.

I wandered back via Baythorne Hall...... looks like a nice wine shop :)

This may not be my last visit this year to Ickworth! It's open boxing day and if the weather is good!!


Ragged Robin said...

Gorgeous photos Pete - looks so Christmassy and wintry :) Scone looks nice - may try and make some of those - had a go last week at my version of Christmas pudding scones and they turned out well :)

Tricia Ryder said...

Scone looks scrummy and Ickworth great against blue skies - it was a gorgeous day. Camera/lens worked well.. food for thought.