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Friday, February 07, 2014

Nice weather for ducks?

It's wet. I don't suppose anyone has noticed that but let me tell you it's wet.

When you see pictures of the likes of Muchelney you have to feel sorry for the people whose lives have been so disrupted. 

I avoided my normal route in this morning as I knew the road would be flooded but even the route I took was like a river, lets hope it lets up soon eh! Again if you live in the areas most affected you must look at all this fresh rain and the rain we are forecast to get and dispair!

I don't who, if anyone, is to blame. Is it the fact rivers haven't been dredged? Or just that we having the worst amount of rain since some date long ago? Or is it that we've chopped a load of trees down on hills that  would have soaked up more of the water before it got into the system?

I suspect the current view of our wonderful Environment Secretary is that it is all a cunning plot by the evil badgers to distract attention away from them..

Still look on the bright side, all this rain means the gloom seekers at the Daily Express can constantly reprint the same headlines "WORST RAIN EVER" "STORM WINDS WORSE THAN !987".

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holdingmoments said...

I think it's a combination of all 3 reasons you gave Pete.
Governments trying to save money where they can on dredging, hoping things won't get quite so bad, the destruction of trees to make way for building, without a thought of the amount of water they soak up, (building on flood plains don't help matters), and the exceptionally bad weather off the Atlantic.
What causes the bad weather?
Don't get me started on human intervention.