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Thursday, July 04, 2013

I hate it when that happens

So I get home from work yesterday to find a card through the door from British Gas

"We called to service your boiler but no one was at home......"

What? Oh ! I booked it AGES ago and sir was going to come up. I had clean forgot about it......

Goes to phone.....

ring ring.....

His Nibs: "hello...."
Me : "I got a card from British Gas that they called to do the boiler....."
His Nibs: "was it today? "
Me : "Yes"
His Nibs: "I clean forgot...."
Me: "I did as well...."

So today I had to phone British Gas rearrange and apologise......



Tricia Ryder said...

Ah - the memory... tends to slow down a bit as one gets..... ;)

Frustrating though I know!!

Ragged Robin said...

oh dear - sounds like a craft moment!! :)

Our boiler service is way overdue - daren't arrange as something always crops up and I have to keep cancelling.