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Monday, July 29, 2013

Good Service? Madness really

My Dad's lawn mower broke Saturday.

For long term readers of this blog they will know that this is a MAJOR catastrophe!

Actually it is since I borrow his mower and before anyone asks why I don't buy my own......  well I have a hovver which was bought as a birthday present by my head gardener (Dad) who for years said that Hovvers were rubbish and agrees that the hovver he bought was rubbish (it has been used half a dozen times and was abandoned a month after it was bought). I had visions that I would be cutting grass with the hovver!!!

Anyway let us just accept that to my dad this is a major disaster (bit like a broken camera for a certain person). Apparently it wasn't repairable by him BUT amazingly it was still under guarantee so it went back to the shop this morning (one of the big chains).

My dad, for whom the word pessimist was invented, expected them to claim he had hit a stone blah de blah. He went up to the young lady and explained the situation.....

Assistant - would you like a replacement
Dad (in a state of shock) - uh that would be fine.
Assistant - well see if you can find one you like

Anyway Dad found a traditional cylinder mower he liked. Now this mower was normally £120 but was on offer at £60.

Dad (to assistant) - that one will be fine. but I'm a bit disappointed that I'm replacing one I paid £120 for with one for £60 (personally I think he was being a tadge cheeky)
Assistant - I'll give you a refund .


So he walked out with a new mower and £60 oh and he got nectar points!!

WHAT WHAT !!! How the hell does that work!! 


birdman said...

Works fine by me!

Tricia Ryder said...

This amazing!! Well done that particular store!!

oldcrow61 said...

ahahaha, that is so funny. Good old dad! haha