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Monday, July 15, 2013

Getting to Vienna - a taster

And so I am in Vienna. of the journey I will say I prefer Stansted to Gatwick. Easy Jet don't press the hard sell as much as RyanAir but RyanAir do give better info.

The hotel is nice.

We had a wander around town tonight....

The Stephansdom more to follow no doubt.....

I will add more local colour in later. As we strolled along I realised that central Vienna is relatively small and we were close to Cafe Mozart......

Pete - Trish: Shall We
Trish-Pete: looking at menu YES!!

I had Tafelspitz (silverside of Roast Beef) delish..... the wine was, I think, a Gruner Veltliner and lovely it was too.

Trish wasn't sure she had room for dessert but when I suggested sharing this......

cracking first day!


Ragged Robin said...

Have a good holiday.

Is it cooler over there than here?

The dessert looks delicious!

Pete said...

was yesterday. just enough to be very comfortable!