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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Ah Vienna

And so that was Vienna.

Peoples perspectives on Vienna seemed to vary, when I said I was off to Vienna. Some said it was lovely some were "oh it was alright".

Me? I liked it. The city is smaller than Rome, Paris and London and to me it feels like it has more of a heart because of it. The others being bigger lacked a true centre. Vienna's heart seemed to be the Stephansdom down to the Opera House. Oh there were other wonderful areas but it felt like the focus. Rome and Paris for instance are much more spread out.

The people were friendly, the food was excellent. Let me say on the later point I much preferred Austrian food to that I've had in say Italy.

Vienna had lots of green spaces, in that it reminds me much of London. It lacked a nice lake but hey! I do think that the Hofburg and Schonbrunn are too much museums but you have to admire that the huge park/garden of the Schonbrunn is mostly free.

One of the things that did struck me was how it wasn't that ethnically diverse. Given that Vienna is a capital city I was a little surprised.

Regrets? I wish we'd gone to a concert, we never really explored that as an option.

Would I go back? Yes I could use it as a base, there were parts we never got to.

And for those that missed it....

Vienna Day 1 - Going there
Vienna Day 2 - The Stephansdom, Belvedere and the Karlskirche
Vienna Day 3 - Schonbrunn Palace
Vienna Day 4 - Imperial Vienna
Vienna Day 5 - The Spanish Riding School and The State Opera House


Tricia Ryder said...

Twas a good one... and yes, a concert would have been good... next time ;)

Ragged Robin said...

From your lovely photos Pete I thought Vienna looked a beautiful city and the cakes/desserts delicious :)